Welcome to Aroura Studio! My name is Rachel Mason, an over thinker, yoga lover, inspired and calm with nature. I decided to take the leap to start my own studio after feeling uninspired by the corporate 9-5.

I graduated in London with a degree in Fashion Promotion & Communication, then went on to work in various PR & Marketing job roles which I enjoyed but I still was searching for something else, and I certainly wasn't content. More excitement, a purpose and passion! I had an overwhelming desire to try something new, for an adventure, so I quit my job to travel South East Asia and Australia, living in a camper van for a year, with the boy, creating magical memories that led to this path I am on today. An avid believer in fate, I have learned to always follow my gut instinct, it knows!

A love for psychology and all things to do with the mind, I took a Myers-Briggs Personality Test and suddenly everything clicked into place. I had settled in Sydney, was working once again in the corporate world but had a yearning that I wanted to try a new direction. I found the BucketList Bombshells online and resonated with everything the amazing BB course leaders had to say. I to wanted to work online, travel the world and live creatively, so I signed up and have been on this path of entrepreneurship ever since!

As an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) something that has been present with me throughout my life is to find meaning within my work and to help people. I truly follow my heart, apply my personal touch, creativity and altruism to everything I do.  I can't wait to work with you and your business to accomplish your goals, build a worthy presence and a brand you are passion about. 

Working with a holistic approach I am interested in looking at your life as a whole and the impact you wish to have not only for your brand but as a human. 

Remember teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Take a look at our services tab to see how we can work together to create something wonderful.